Analogue Radio Altitude Test Set - ARA-552

Tools - Navigation Test Equipment

The ARA-552 Analogue Radio Altimeter is used for flight line testing of aircraft Autoland systems, Ground Proximity Warning systems, and functional testing of installed Altimeter systems. Together with the ARA-552 hand-held controller, the ARA-552 provides sophisticated capabilities for testing a wide range of analogue altimeters in a variety of aircraft. Using operator-defined parameters such as start altitude, stop altitude, and vertical speed, the ARA-552 defines a radio altitude ramp. This information, along with error and fault control information, is transmitted through a cable adapter to up to three aircraft altimeters. The three-part sequence accurately simulates descent, approach, flare, and touchdown. The ARA-552 may be used whenever active control of the radio altitude bus is a test requirement. An ARA-552 with the DC altitude output board and relay simulation board options can also simulate the entire altimeter for aircraft installations where the actual altimeter has been removed. For relay simulation, three output channels are provided, each generating Flag, A/P Warn, and six Altitude Trip relays to simulate altimeter functions. Four selectable sets of trip altitude points are available.

Part 110-0460-102-01 

Alternative option to: 110-0430-100-02, 110-0460-105, 9599-607-15902 when operating on 737 Clasic Aircraft