Druck Air Data Test Set - ADTS553F

Tools - Pitot Static Test Equipment

The ADTS553F air data test set is a portable three-channel flightline pitot static tester. It provides pitot static air data validation, leak testing, fault-finding and avionics instrumentation testing for any aircraft requiring angle of attack two off static-controlled channels, in addition to a pitot test channel. The ADTS553F can also be used as a standard two-channel flightline air data test set.

• ADTS Touch hand terminal with Bluetooth wireless technology.
• Swipe Touch Screen with colour graphics
• Easy to use standardised icons.
• Can either be used as a 3 channel test set or a 2 channel test set.
• Multiple different langauge set up available 
• High flow proportional pressure control technology
•  Calculations at lower airspeed option
• Fitted with TERPS high accuracy pressure sensors (inside)